Sunday, April 27, 2014

the playlist #1

I listen to a lot of music. Granted, a chunk of what I've been listening to these days is musical related. But I decided to still compose a small playlist of songs that have been on repeat the past couple of weeks. 

The Broken Ones (Dia Frampton) "Maybe we can rip off the bandage, maybe you will see it for what it is, maybe we can burn this building holding you in." 
A contestant from the first round of The Voice, Dia has an amazing voice. Plus the idea that you'll be loved no matter how broken you are is always comforting, no?

Snapshot (Xenia) "When I'm looking back, I smile, wondering where you are. Sometimes a memory's all you've got and now and then I find myself living in a snapshot."
Another contestant from the first year of The Voice, Xenia was my favourite of the bunch. She beautifully captures that one evening you want to go back to, spent laughing and talking to a person that you'll never see again.

Ich lass für Dich das Licht an (Revolverheld): Despite my German limited to bidding someone a good day and a couple of profanities, I've still been a long time fan of Revolverheld. The video for this song was a live recording for a wedding proposal, and according to a friend that understands German, the proposal speech is beautiful.

I Mine Øjne (Rasmus Seebach): Granted, I have no idea what he's singing. Anyone speak Danish? But it's nonetheless a great song and his voice is amazing.

Losing & It Ain't Me Babe (Hadley Fraser) "I'm the one you want, babe, I will only let you down. You say you're looking for someone who will promise never apart, someone to close his eyes for you, someone to close his heart. Someone who will die for you and more. But it ain't me babe, it ain't me you're looking for." 
How could this be a playlist without a Hadley song? If I'm not mistaken, both of these songs were written by him and they're just beautiful. I could feel my heart clenching when I heard this live, from the pain and the love and it's just perfection.

From the song recommendations, I'm starting to think that not only am I a really emotional person, I'm a romantic? Surprising, really. Which songs have been on your playlist recently? 
With love, Daphne x

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