Saturday, April 12, 2014

a day down south

Earlier this week, literally not even a day since I came home from Belgium, I headed down to the south of England with Jaye for another day to escape the hubbub of the city. During the two hour drive, I have to admit that I was a tinge nervous, not because I didn't trust Jaye's driving skills, but well, it was the other side of the road. But fortunately, it was a smooth drive that's allowing me to panic less next time I have to get in an English car. 

We got up fresh and early the next morning and well, being two beauty obsessed people, we spent near an hour just getting ready. And of course, it was the day where nothing was going to cooperate. But out the door and a breakfast later, we found ourselves in the quaint Christchurch. There were private boats and geese everywhere. I had made friends with one and was about to pet it when Jaye advised me otherwise. Who knew that you could bleed from a geese bite? 

We came across a ducking chair which is said to be punishment for women in the old times when they let their tongue loose, and probably not for witches. I'm glad that I wasn't living in those times as I'm pretty sure a regular ducking punishment would be on the calendar for me as I'm not the best at not swearing. 
We came across the old castle ruins where we spent a huge chunk of time oohing and ahhing over a mommy pidgeon and taking some outfit photos in front of the beautiful stone wall. Once upon a king or a lord had their massive dinner in the place where I'm flaunting my new bag.
It was a beautiful day outside and all the flowers were soaking up the sun like we were. Barely two hours after breakfast, Jaye and I were starving. We went to Cheese and Alfies for a breakfast-lunch as we both had pancakes. If you ever find yourself in Christchurch, I strongly recommend going there. Oh the pancakes! We made way down to the beach afterwards, but it was ridiculously cold so a couple of minutes and two quick photos later, we were back into the car.

After mucking around a bit at her place, we went to a discounted homeware store. And well I don't keep the most tidy home, I'm a massive sucker for homeware. Not 10 minutes into the store, and even Jaye regretted taking me there. I wanted to buy everything, but at the same time, I couldn't. Next time, I'm going down south with an empty bag. I still did manage to pick up a few bits and bobs that now proudly sit on my desk, adding a bit of decorativeness to the dorm.

After a barbeque dinner that her dad made, I was off to the train station. After my last incident with the Eurostar, Jaye was terrified that I'd miss my stop in London and end up in Brighton or Manchester. Luckily enough, I think I'm on pretty good terms with the English Rail as I made it back to London just fine.

Other than Edinburgh, this is the first time I've been out of London while still staying in the UK. I'm loving the quaint of the south and definitely want to go back again some time in the summer to enjoy the sun and the beach! Have you ever been to the English south coast?

With love, Daphne x


  1. UHM, TAKING ROAD TRIPS TOGETHER ALREADY????????????????!?!?!?!? ;-; SO JEALOUS ;-;
    jfc, some of the photos in this post are so sharp i feel like they could cut glass
    that green tote is to die for btw

    1. uh..YEAH. We should do one when you finally come over! ISNT THAT GREEN BAG GORGEOUS???? I can't stop stroking it ever since I got it. (in a totally non-creepy way) x

  2. Love the pictures, looks beautiful !

    1. Thank you, Madeline! Bournemouth is gorgeous! x