Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five Things

1. Going running with my running buddy and finishing 1.5 miles without feeling like I want to die. 
2. A good therapy-slash-self-help session with my girl up in Edinburgh. We ranted on and on and tried to figure things out for hours. I don't know if we came up with a conclusion, but we definitely both got some things off our chest. 
3. Finished booking my ticket and confirming my trip to go visit Jaye next week. 
4. Going downstairs to reception and asking them to print some things for me (including my train ticket to Belgium!) and getting a free snack while waiting. 
5. My Ramin Karimloo EP finally arriving in the mail! He's another musical singer that I'm utterly obsessed with. Playing Enjolras in Les Mis 25th, and now playing Jean Valjean on Broadway, this guy came out with an EP featuring 2 musical pieces and 2 songs that he co-wrote with Hadley Fraser. Losing is one of my favourite songs, Hadley also covered this in the gig that I went to earlier this year.

With love, Daphne x


  1. Your Chinese handwriting is cute!

    1. haha, thank you Lenny! I started to get back into the habit of writing in Chinese again lately. x